Monday, July 15, 2013

4th of July Parade

The Wednesday before the 4th, we had Bre's 4th of July Parade at Wee Learn.  Kristi and the kids came along to cheer her on and we met at Teague Park and fed the ducks on the way.  Ambitious plan for me, who's never any where on time :)

This was our first time at the park...we had ran out of bread and they were headed out...I will have to say that before we ran out they were up close and personal and about as tall as Bre.  I didn't put her down when they were right there, not the friendliest ducks.

The two little ducks in the pond was very nice and as Katy and I were noticing had very pretty feathers

Bre still not sure she wanted down...didn't really get warmed up until we were getting back in the van.

Getting ready to head out in the wagon

With their sparklers, ready to go!

Here she comes!

Enjoying the ride, although it wasn't long before she decided she might rather be out walking with us.  Luckily, she decided it would be okay to stay in the wagon as long as Katy was there close by.

We made the block, here were some Parade watchers at the furniture store downtown.  It was sweet for them to come out and cheer on the kids!

Katy helping with the sparklers, she was able to take one home with afterwards

Such a sweetie!

Kristi and the kids, so glad they came!

The older kids getting ready to sing their songs, so cute!  They sang several..."I'm in the Lord's Army" & Lee Greenwood's song "Proud to be an American" not sure if that's the official title but I'm sure you know the one

Happy 4th of July!  We're headed up to Arkansas for the weekend, very excited!

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