Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday Fun with the Fam

We started off the day with breakfast at Corner Bakery and a trip to Lowes.  Bre loves helping push the cart.  And as you can see she really gets into it :)

Then we went swimming and Bre tried out some floating.  We also did some sliding and boat rides but I didn't get any pictures of that.  Parker had left his float at our house and it worked great on Bre. It's on the list to pick her up one next time we're at Target or Walmart.

She kept trying it but couldn't ever really relax while she was laying back.

After we got in from swimming we didn't make it all the way back into clothes before she was off playing and wanted to wear her hat.

The Trumbo's and little Trevor have been on our minds all day.  We having been praying for them and thinking of them constantly.  Please pray for his surgery Monday morning, that the part mass/ part cyst will be benign and for the doctors performing the surgery. 

Also today, the 12 year old team, EM Majors, that Chad helps coach won the championship game in the Little League World Series!!!  The game was on ESPN3 ! Congrats guys!!

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