Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More 4th of July!

Such a fun filled weekend!  Here we are visiting MamMa...the kiddos running back and forth between MamMa, the fish tank & the birds.

Looking at the birds with Aunt Sara...Bre was Aunt Sara's buddy, loving on her all weekend!

BreBre showing MamMa her "hair in the face trick"...she spins her head back & forth so that her hair brushes her face.  Must feel good & be fun to do because she does it often!

Playing Peek-a-Boo with MamMa

There's BreBre!

Bunch of little monkeys...

Loving on Daddy

Sara mentioned that we ought to let the boys take over the cameras, so we could get in a few pics.

So Matt & Bert took over and starting shooting away...just hard to know which one to look at when, so not sure we got one with everybody looking at the same camera, so I decided to put them all on here :)

Here's a cute one of Lilly!  Big Cheese on this one!

Here's another one of those crazy motion pictures, love it! 
I wish I knew why these were coming up, can't really take credit but I'll have to figure it out.
We had a fun filled day of breakfast with Pappaw, late morning visit with MamMa, fun swimming & lunch, then after a nap we went out to see PaPa.  He has recently started some rehab and is making great progress!  They're hoping to have him back home after the end of the summer.

We had story time

and snacks

just a good visit!

These two share the same birthday, love these two so much!

Before we left town, I had copies made of our visit sent into Walmart and Mom took them out to him the next day.  PaPa says that they're causing quite a stir!

She spotted PaPa's balloons and had fun batting them around

PaPa getting in on the action

He sent us home with the balloons since he'd had them for awhile and BreBre didn't mind they were starting to lose some air

Here we are Sunday at Mike & DeDe's...she can be pretty dramatic.  Not sure what this break down was about...

Getting up close to check things out, curious one we've got here

Mommy's sweet little girl

Playing with Aunt Sara's phone, anytime she sees a phone or a remote she's got to play with it.  The girl loves buttons!  She frequently talks to Siri

Giving Reid sweet goodbye kisses :)

Pointing to Aunt Sara's eyes but ended up being more of an eye poking, sorry about that!

Sweet hugs for Aunt Sara :)  This girl is a good hugger!

and more kisses for Reid, not sure he was ready for all the goodbye lovin' he was getting.  We're looking forward to seeing these guys in Texas in a couple of weeks!

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