Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fun at GG & Poppy's

She was making the rounds at GG & Poppy's
Running around in circles & back and forth from the play room to the kitchen and everywhere else
just a gigglin' & squealing!

Here she is mid-run, happy as a clam :)

Love those huge smiles

and blue eyes!

She stops just long enough to bat the balloons (or balls she calls them) around for a minute...

and then she's off again!  Little energizer bunny!

Sneaking up on Poppy, probably trying to get his hat, phone or remote

Love being around all the family when we're in Arkansas and spending time with this special lady is such a treat!  Gram was finally able to get her to sit in her lap & play the animal sound game on my phone.

Gram will be 90 this October!  I love this picture!  Can't believe we're all 3 looking at the camera!

Gram was amazed at the things on phones these days
Four generation pic

Uncle Chad had been at a baseball tournament all weekend in Gulf Shores and got back late Sunday night so we hung around to see him. 

Playing with Poppy's hat...she's always taking it off and putting it back on and so forth. 
It was such a great weekend, love spending time with family!  It's always hard to leave, wish we lived closer!

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