Sunday, July 14, 2013

Katy's 4th Birthday Party!

Headed to Katelyn's Birthday!  I think this picture is so cute, she looks so big walking in with Daddy.

Katy had requested zig zags & My Little Pony for her party theme and it turned out darling!  Her mommy, Kristi, did a wonderful job with everything!  Have a detail pic later of the inside of the cupcakes, rainbow inside, yummy!

Love the rainbow arch!

And rainbow fruit tray

Getting ready to blow light the candles and sing Happy Birthday!  It was a little windy and the candles were lit the whole time we sang and then right as Katy was going to blow them out, the wind beat her to it.  They were going to try again but decided she could have another shot tomorrow on her real birthday and that was good with Katy!

Here's the inside of the cupcake

BreBre and Daddy...took Bre a little bit to get warmed up.  We ended up having to wake her up early from her nap to make it to the party and even then we were almost 45 min late.

The cloud ice cream was another really neat thing Kristi did, but not the easiest she explained.  You have to let the ice cream thaw into the bottom of a pan and then cut it out with cookie cutters and re-freeze.  It did make it much quicker to get the ice cream out to all the party guest.

Katy starting off the pinata

Not sure how this one turned into a little movie of Katy's swing but she swung so hard she spun herself around.  Ended up on the ground but good news is that the birthday girl was okay and got right up!  The little pony ended up being pretty tough.  Kristi was worried the first person might crack it open but after everyone got four turns they decided to bring out a metal bat and still it took awhile to get to the candy.

BreBre watching and taking it all in
Checking out the candy

Cute bunch!

Playing with Adam in the baby pool

Adam was really getting into playing with his boat and Bre was just doing more watching than playing

Sure wish someone would take me for a spin...

Presents!!  Katy got a bunch of good stuff!  Ponies & Barbies, what more can a girl ask for!

Katy if you're reading this, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Katy, Happy Birthday to you!!! Set the post up to publish on your actual birthday!

Bre just went right up to Kristi and plopped down.  Guess she wanted a front row seat!

Checking out all of Katy's goodies

Back to wishin' someone would take me for a ride

Hmmm, maybe Katy will...

Getting excited about it before the ride starts

Yea, here we go!

Katy took Bre & Adam for a spin

BreBre was loving it!  She had the biggest smile on her face the whole time!  It was precious!!

So exciting!

After Katy had taken her for a spin, Katy was off to something else but Miss Bre was not ready to part ways just yet.  Adam hopped back on like he was about to take them for a spin but they just sat there together for awhile.


Before we left Bre got back in Kristi's lap and was loving on her, so sweet!  We all had a great time at Katy's party!  Hard to believe she's already 4! 

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