Tuesday, July 16, 2013

4th of July in Arkansas (to be continued)

We had a great 4th of July in Arkansas! 
Bre had her cute shirt they had made for her at daycare, so we got it washed and wore it again the next day.  Thought they did a really cute job with them!

Getting some closeups of that sweet face!

Smilin' at GG

Bre and I had driven up separately from Bert because of some work that was keeping him in Texas.  We weren't sure if he was going to get to come up at all, but he ended up surprising later in the afternoon on the 4th!  We were so glad he was able to make it up, wasn't going to be the same without him.

Trying out the swing

We tried to get a picture with the flag but she was pictured out at this point.

This girl was loving the cupcake icing at DeDe's!!

Love, love, love this one!!  Such a huge smile and caught it!!

Not sure how this collage came about but I like it!

After swimming and eating lunch at DeDe & Mike's, we headed out to the mountain to have dinner with Aunt Shelley and see the fireworks show.

BreBre loved the cat and was chasing her all night
She had a lot of fun out on the mountain!

Looking for that cat...know he's around here somewhere...

She's adventurous, took a spin (very slow spin) on the four-wheeler with Aunt Shelley & Josie. 

The views are gorgeous out there and Bre had fun on her little ride around the house.  It was pretty short and she was not really ready to be done.

Not ready to get off yet but I think Aunt Shelley thought one loop was enough.  She said I could take her for a spin but since I've never driven one I didn't want to start with driving BreBre.

Luckily she was satisfied just to sit on it a while longer and check out the handle bars.

Coming in close for an inspection of all the buttons
I believe this is what you call relaxin'

Sneaking up on Harvey (friend of Shelley & Spencer's)

Ohhh, pretty sparklers!  She loved them!  Bert said just like her momma.  I do love me some sparklers...just like a kid!

More sparklers with Mommy
Cute family pic...so glad Bert was able to come!

There's Poppy!  Such a great smile, love this guy!  And BreBre does too!

She was keeping us on our toes and Daddy was doing a lot of the chasing

There's that pretty view again.  This looks out towards Hot Springs Village.  We were able to watch their firework show, they put on a nice one!

Checking the kitty out close

Loving on GG.  The fireworks started not too long after this picture and Bre slept through almost all of them (not sure how, they were very loud).  She slept most of the time snuggled up on Aunt Shelley.  I thought I had gotten a picture but I guess I didn't.

Getting comfy

Think she was dancing here, keeping GG on her toes :)
We had a great time out at Aunt Shelley's, thanks for having us out!
More pictures coming of the rest of the weekend...fun times!!!

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