Tuesday, March 12, 2013

11 months already!!

Well couple weeks late...here are Bre's 11 month pics! 
(Didn't realize til I was looking at the pics on the computer how many shades of pink I had her in...oh well!)

This little girl is getting big so fast...and with her 4 top teeth, she is looking even bigger!  This picture cracks me up because she was talking and lunging forward at me and they are really sticking out there.
So hard to sit still when you don't want to!  (same song just a different verse than her cousin Lilly, who says "it's so hard to sleep when you don't want to" which Bre also agrees with from time to time)

Gave her the back of the 11 month sticker paper to try to keep her occupied long enough to take some pictures

GG tought her how to make fun sounds when she pats her mouth and this girl loves to make some noise!

She loves to do it herself or have you pat her mouth (sometimes she'll just lick you hand) but mostly she'll make the sound.  Which if you've been around her lately is so much better than her scream...so we encourage making the ah-ah sound! :)  Much more pleasant sound!

Her hair is growin', growin', growing...except for in the middle back

I put a bow in for the pictures but we've pretty much resorted to the Bam-Bam ponytail or pig tails to keep it out of her face and to keep her from eating her hair.  Apparently her hair taste wonderful! Who knew...

She and Buddy are getting along quite a bit better these days, so that's always nice!

She is getting really good at standing and balancing on her own!  She's about ready to take off running I'm sure.  We were face timing with GG this past Friday when she handed the phone to Uncle Chad and BreBre decided to put a few steps together while Uncle Chad was on the phone.  GG was upset that she missed it, especially since it happened while we were face timing.  She has taken a couple steps since then but still prefers to crawl and is so fast!
At this point in the photo shoot, we had made it over to the Kitchen which is where she enjoys looking out the windows.  We've just kept the blinds up so she has free rein...anyway, love how these pictures turned out!

Standing up again!

Such a sweetie!!  Love her to pieces!  We're having the best week...her daycare is closed this week for Spring Break, so we're getting some good quality time together!  I am having the best time!

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