Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bath Time Cutie!

This baby girl loves bath time!!  This face is so funny to me!  She loves standing up, which I really wish she woudn't because it's so slippery but I've learned the more I try to keep her sitting, the more she stands.  So I just try to keep a hand close by in case she slips...

so many bath toys!

Love those big blue eyes!
She's trying to reach the shampoo, which I try to keep out of her reach and she just doesn't understand why....

One of her favorites things to do while standing up is to grab a hold of the handles...luckily she has not figured how to turn them on yet!

Big smiles and laughs...can't get enough :)

She's really telling me something in this one

Sweet, sweet baby girl!

She's getting pretty good and pouring water out of the tub...not really on purpose yet but good job still...

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  1. Love that sweet girl! She is at such a fun age! Glad you guys are having a good spring break--ours is next week. Lilly and Reid loved the picture of her in pig tails. (: