Saturday, March 16, 2013

Jordan & Jacob's Birthday Party!

This Saturday afternoon we went to Van, Texas for Jordan & Jacob's Birthday Party!  Our friend, Jennifer Flodder's, 4 year old twins. 

We've known Jennifer almost ever since we moved to Texas...she works at Eastman with Bert...Mike refers to she & her husband, Lee as "the really tall ones".  She is quite a bit taller than me, probably 6'4"ish.  Bert says she makes me look short and I don't hear that very often.  And Lee's not a small guy :)  Very sweet couple, just don't see them a lot because they live in Van.  (it's an hour away from Longview...side note...they live in Van and both drive an hour separate ways to their jobs, both really like where they work and they have been doing it for years)
BreBre had a blast!  She loves watching the kids and crawling around!  She kept making the cutest noises :)

This little girl was so cute with her, I didn't get a picture of it but she was hugging her like a little doll

Laughing with Daddy

DeDe got her this cute outfit to wear for St. Patrick's Day but it was so cute we wore it a day early!

As evidenced by blurry hands she was crawling at warp speed...

Birthday cakes for the twins...cake was really yummy!

Picture with Mommy!!  We had a fun time too!

BreBre made friends with this little guy, Maddox.  He's actually was born the same day as Adam, Kristi's little boy, so he was two weeks older than Bre.

Ooohhh, spotted a pretty ball

Okay, on to the next thing...

She crawled back over to Maddox to see what he was up to

Loved looking at that cute girl in the mirror!

Getting up close and personal

They had two blow-ups, one was a big slide and Jennifer said you can slide down with Bre if you want when all the big kids were eating cake, Bert and I thought this would be the time if I was going to slide down with her...Tried just getting to the ladder and decided that was not going to go well...that was okay though because she had a great time just on the bottom part!

Here's Jennifer and Lee (to the left) helping the twins open presents

She loved bouncing up and down on this step up part

See what I mean...that ladder is pretty tall!

Walking with Daddy

This cutie had a great time at the party!

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