Thursday, March 14, 2013

Arkansas Weekend for Uncle Matt & GG's Birthday!

A few weekends ago, we headed up to celebrate Uncle Matt's birthday a little late and GG's birthday a little early.  It was a great weekend, Bert even took off Monday so we would have extra time to celebrate!  Fun times and here are a bunch of pictures from the weekend!!
Little cutie pie playing at Gram & PaPa's!

She loves their walkers

We emptied out some containers for her to play with and she was having a ball!

Gram loves to hold her but always comments on how heavy she is!  She's slimming up some but is still a healthy girl!

I think she was biting Gram's neck pillow and thinking it was hilarious...the small things...

Love seeing her with Gram & PaPa (MamMa too...just so special to see her with the great grandparents!)

She loves Poppy and always has fun playing with his hat!

Big yawn...

Eyeing some french fries with GG

Pretty good stuff!

Gram, GG & BreBre...whole lot of special girls in that pic!

Getting some more to eat with GG, yum! 

relaxin' with Daddy :)

Oh no!  Mike's going to get me!

Fun times playing with Cousins Lilly & Reid

Here Lilly is reading to BreBre

This girl loves to read!  And she was working the room at DeDe's on this day

Grandma Betty reading stories!  It's also a great way to get her to sit still for a sec! I often get some good snuggle time while reading to her :)

She may be musical because she loves her piano and this book at DeDe's

Lilly really wanting to hold Baby Breanna but so hard to get her still enough to hold her...we managed just long enough for a pic!

Trying to talk Eli into reading to her

Eli & Colt

They are really singing in this picture! Too cute!

Colt was loving to have his picture taken while he was taking mine. Then we would compare.

Reid came out with an old hat of Mike's... so cute, looks like a sailor to me with the white and blue

I don't remember who she was laughing at but someone was funny!!!

Reading with Mike

Two cuties!!

Trying to get a picture of all three kiddos is challenging!  :)

Thought this was a pretty cute one of Aunt Sara, Lilly & Reid....Reid just didn't want to fully commit to smiling but still super cute!

Fun weekend, always is when we get to spend fun time with family!!

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