Monday, March 11, 2013

Adam is ONE!!!

Kristi had everything fixed up so cute for Adam's party!

She is so talented!  And she made this darling cake!  She certainly makes it look easier than it is!  (I did a trial run for BreBre's cake this weekend and am going to need to call in reinforcements!  Going to Kristi's house in the morning for some tips and tricks!)

These two cuties are 1 and almost how the times flys!
Playing in the Kitchen

BreBre was taking away the bananas from Adam

Normally I think she is a better sharer...Adam was a good sport...maybe he was handing them to her, who knows...

Adam's ONE!!  (this post is a few days behind, his birthday was 3/6...same as Uncle Chad's)  or Sock Foot as Alex calls him.  We told Alex his nickname was Bubby Toes growing up and Alex later recalled that as Sock Foot :)

He was not too sure about his party hat but did keep it on for a few pics

So nice to have brother Alex and sister Katy helping unwrap!

Bre watching from Daddy's shoulders

Family Pic

all playing with Adam's new toy

Fun times!

They were both actually really good right off the bat putting these balls in the holes!  I was quite impressed!

Love Adam's face in this one above!

Two big smiles from the birthday boy!  So cute! 

Adam's already walking some, Kristi said he really started more on his birthday

Everyone's excited for cake!

BreBre taking it all in...hard to believe it will be her turn in less than 2 weeks!

She loves cake, just like her momma! :)

Love watching her pick things up

Inside shot of the cake 
As the party was wrapping up Bre, Adam and Katy took a quick bath!  Fun birthday night!!

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