Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pig tails & early morning

BreBre woke up at 4am this morning...

We hadn't given her any medicine and I'm thinking she's teething so she'll be getting some medicine tonight! Shes working on her 8th tooth. It will be her 4th on top and she already has 4 on the bottom! She looks so big with her top teeth.

She did take a bottle and sleep on me until about 5am, she also could of been hungry because she didn't eat much last night either...we tried giving her table food but she still wasn't interested. She's really been fighting the spoon lately and knocking the food all over, crazy girl!

Good part of it was we had some time to play with her hair! So we tried pig tails! I think they're adorable! (Just not sure how comfy they are for her). She's been putting her hair in her mouth a lot lately so this do takes care of that!

Bert and I split up the time this morning playing with her upstairs so the other could get a little more sleep. She was having fun playing in her tunnel, reading books and trying out her chair.

So fun to have extra play time but hopefully not so early tomorrow! Could be that she was just excited about being 11 months old today! I cannot believe it! I'll try to take some 11 month pics and get them up soon!