Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

First want to say Happy Valentines Day!  Also, Happy Anniversary to Gram & PaPa!  I think if I not mistaken this is their 71st wedding anniversary!  That is so wonderful!  And also, Happy Birthday to Uncle Matt!
This post is to show how busy this little girl is!  I took all of these pictures in under 10 minutes to show how on the move she is...

pulling up on the coffee table, one of her favorites

sometimes she fetches Buddy's toys better than he does

BreBre loves the remote Melissa got her for Christmas!  She has actually already worn several of the numbers off

climbing on Mommy

taking a quick rest, I know I'm already tired just watching her!

and she's back up, trying to get the camera

looking like her Uncle Chad with her tongue out!

trying to climb on me again!  She likes to do that when we're playing on the floor!  She's not afraid just to go straight over head first

in the kitchen

adjusting the blinds or should I say dusting...Mommy doesn't dust them like she should

Looking out the back door

Climbing up my legs

giving me a hug! 

in the pantry!

taking my towel off

getting into the drawers...we have the latches just haven't quite got them installed yet

She goes & goes & goes!!  Busy little bee!

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