Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Playing with Adam & Katy

Kristi and I met up for lunch and then they came over to play for awhile!  The kids had a great time and we got to visit some, very fun!
Adam was loving Bre's's one of her favorites too. Although it doesn't seem to keep her interest quite as much as it did now that she's so mobile.

Love there expressions in the picture below!  If only Bre would have been looking at the camera

Adam's such a cutie!  He's just 2 weeks older than BreBre.  Katy is a cutie too!  She's so sweet, she told both Bre and I that she loved us before she left.  We love her too!  She has the prettiest curly hair (like her momma) and we went over to their house for the Super Bowl and Kristi had straightened it!  So cute, it's amazing how much the curls shorten her hair!  When it's straight, it's almost all the way down her back!  I think it was 5" or longer than it normally is!

Love this picture of Adam, he looks like he was having a great time!

Fun times!  Trying to take off Fridays this year and spend some quality time with Bre, so maybe we can have these play dates quite often, we'll see.  It hasn't worked out every Friday but I'm trying my best to get all my work wrapped up Mon-Thurs so she can stay home with me!

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