Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snow! (catch-up from Christmas)

So I'm way behind on my blogging!  Here are the snow pictures from Christmas!
I think we ended up getting 8" and on Christmas day!  That is crazy!  Here's Bert cleaning off the van, we ventured out to Hastings to rent some movies.  Stocked up on 2 chick flicks & 2 guy movies.


Love the untouched snow, so beautiful!  I still can't believe Bre's first Christmas was a white one!  It definitely doesn't snow every year, I can't remember when it's ever snowed as much as it my first thought is we've got to get some pictures of Bre in the snow.  Not exactly Bert's first thought...

but I was determined!
So I bundled her up in about 4-5 layers and used socks for mittens and out we went! 

Bert said I had 5 minutes, so we made the most of them!

Here we are making a snow ball

Some pictures with Daddy

And then at the very end, I sat her down in the snow...hard to do much with socks on your hands but she was playing around

cute little snow bunny!

Then here she goes...back to do a snow angel!

Dad to the rescue but she was having fun!

She probably couldn't move with all the layers

Shaking off the snow

Mom & Jim's new house...almost complete by now.  It's going to be so nice!

After Daddy & BreBre went back inside, I decided to stay out for a little while longer and play in the snow.  After all it took me longer to get suited up to play in the snow than Bre actually stayed out in it.

So neat how the snow piles on the branches...although this did leave a lot of people without power.  Fortunately, Mom's power was only out from about 10pm Christmas night to 5:30ish the next morning.  Mike & DeDe's power was off for several days.  The upside was that we got to spend some good quality family time together, so that was very nice!

Here's one of Mom's little river birch trees that was leaned over on Chad's truck.  Happy to report that after I took these pictures I shook all the snow off the tree and it's made a full recovery!

And being the super nice sister that I am, I also cleaned off quite a bit of Chad's truck too!

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