Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Helping Mom with the Laundry

Can't say how much of a help this cutie is with the laundry.  Here she is helping me sort it out...

Looks like she stopping to pose for a pic here

Love her big smile!

Cheesin' it up!

Like anything else, goes straight to her mouth.  This also goes for any stray leaves Buddy brings in.  You have to watch her close becuase if she gets to it before we do, had to fish several out of her mouth!

Going for the camera

Love those big blue eyes!  She definitely has Mommy & Daddy wrapped around her finger!

Playing with her microphone DeDe got her for Christmas!  She loves her rock table and the music it plays is good!

Love this little polka dot shirt

trying to get the camera again, having to hold her off

cutie pie!

Here's her rock table, sometimes she'll even do a little dance.  And she stands on her tippy toes some like Lilly used to do.

Rocking out!  She really likes the drum part.

and her stacking cups are fun to play with too!

She gotten pretty good and being able to crawl with a toy in her hand and take things from the living room to her bedroom or into the kitchen wherever she's headed at the time.

She's at such a fun age!  It's been fun all along but just keeps getting better & better!  And she keeps getting cuter & cuter, sometimes I can hardly stand it!  Proud momma here!  (daddy too!)

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