Wednesday, February 6, 2013

10 months!

Hard to believe Bre is 10 months old!  (Well actually 10-1/2 months now...Mom kept asking me if she was going to get to see the 10 month pictures before she turned 11 months - very sorry for the delay!)

You can kind of see where her top two teeth are very close to coming through (since I've taken the pictures they have come through big time and she looks so big with top teeth!)

As you can tell from the next several pictures and the blur....she doesn't stay still for very long.  She's busy, busy, busy!

Here she is trying to lunge off the couch (not a successful attempt because Dad was close by helping with the pictures)

Here's one with Daddy

She is a sweet, sweet girl!

Love her big laughs!  You can see all three of her bottom teeth here

She has mastered the crawling and is as fast as ever!  It's so cute to watch her get up to full speed on a straight stretch!  People keep telling us to just wait until she's walking but we're not sure how she could get into much more than she does now!  Found her in the pantry a couple weeks ago, she had turned over the recyle bin and had a empty coke can and was trying to get a drink.  She knew exactly what to do.  Can't turn your back for a second and she's off!
Loves the coffee table, pulls up on it constantly.  She also loves Buddy...we're currently working on some training with the two of them to help make them better buds! 

She is standing on her own to.  She will let go of the coffee table or just stand up from a seated position.  She's getting to where she can stand for a pretty good while now...I think I finally got some pictures of it, so I'll have those up soon!

This look cracks me up!

She loves this bobble head pop up toy

Were were playing just the other day with her stacking cups and I was pretending it was a cup and was sipping out of it and she thought that was so funny!  We did it over & over, she is getting so fun to play with at this age!

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