Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas at DeDe's

Mike made a great Christmas lunch, yum!  We came over after opening presents and spent most of the day at Mike & DeDe's.

Bert looks so handsome in his sweater!  It hardly ever gets cold enough for him to wear it!

BreBre's new toy from Reid, Lilly, Uncle Matt & Aunt Sara.  It's a really cute donkey that sings and laughs when you tickle him.  I think Reid's showing her how it works

Lilly helping open presents

Now opening her own present from BreBre...princess dolls!

Cars bath toys for Reid!  I hope he likes them (they may have been a little young for him and actually did have a picture of a baby on the package).  He was saying these are baby toys...but I think Sara did finally convince him that he would have fun with them in the bath!

DeDe opening presents

Lilly loved her princess book!  Another great find during our pre-Black Friday shopping!  Thanks Sara for pointing this out to me when we were shopping!   
Lilly was so excited when she opened it!  She was saying this is the one I wanted!  Really fun reaction!

Reid really wanted to get this out but it required some assembly so we decided to save it for home but Bre had a lot of fun just looking at the box!

Playing with her new vanity

She prefers to chew on the bracelet, we put it on her once and she thought we were crazy!   
Bre checking out Lilly's new toy...the name is escaping me right now, my memory is horrible!

Lilly & Bre playing with Reid's cars computer

Playing with ornaments with DeDe, so pretty!

We ended up leaving later that evening as the snow was starting...I'll have some snow pics up soon!

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  1. Looks like a good Christmas. I was so sorry to have missed meeting Breanna! Bill and I left her gift up at the house in Perryville, and Mom said she would deliver it for us.