Friday, January 4, 2013

8 Months Old!

In all my excitement to get caught up on the blog, I had forgotten that I was so behind I hadn't posted her 8 month pics!  Shame on me!  Here they are...

This picture looks like deer in headlights but couldn't leave it out because it's the only one where she's still and looking straight at the camera!
No time to let Mom take a couple pictures, too much to do...

Crazy girl!

She's spotted Buddy

You can see some of those curls!
She is a good crawler!  Didn't take her any time at all to go to full speed (well we may not of seen full speed yet but she's really fast!)

Loves this coffee table

Try not to notice the dust...dusting...well it's not on the top of the priority list and unfortunately is so far down that it's rarely done and even then I forget about the bottom of the coffee table.  So Bre is my duster!

Love those pretty blue eyes!

Reminds me so much of my brother when she sticks her tongue out like this!

She is all into the presents and the tree, not sure what she's going to think when we take the tree down.

Here she is re-dressing the netting, how thoughtful

Coming after the camera

Again with the tongue!  So sweet!

Precious, Precious, Precious!

This girl loves some puffs and so does Buddy!  She has started sharing some with Buddy.  Occasionally, I catch her letting Buddy lick it and then she eats it but normally she lets him eat it too.

He'll even lick her fingers when there's no puff and that's pretty fun for her too!

She will let you know when she's running low on the puffs, definitely not shy about that!

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