Thursday, January 3, 2013

9 Months Old!

Hard to believe this sweet baby girl is already 9 months!  As you can see, she's not only crawling but pulling up.  The coffee table is one of her favorite play toys lately.  It's fun to crawl under, around and pull up on... who would have known!  She's been getting a little more adventurous and trying to crawl/climb through the bottom but she's not made it all the way through yet, keeps getting stuck in the middle but she is determined, so I'm sure she'll keep trying!
Yep, those are 3 bottom teeth you're looking at...I was paying so much attention to her top gums and out comes another bottom tooth!

Taking these montly pictures keeps getting more challenging.  She's not as willing to stay still anymore!

Trying to make her getaway...

We went to see Dr. Whitney today for her 9 month check-up and here's her stats:
weighed in at 20lbs 10oz - 77%
measured 29.25"L - 92%
17.25" Head Cir. - 40%

She said that all looked great!  Everything else checked out well too, ears, breathing, etc.

Love how she's laughing in this one!
Just think this outfit is so cute!  She ended up wearing it again for New Years Eve, which we spent at home.  Bert made the comment that we were slightly underdressed in our sweats with Bre in her fancy getup.  We had a nice evening and watched a movie after Bre went to bed.  Excited about all 2013 has in store for us!

Just can't get enough of this sweet face!  Little button Gram & PaPa say.

 She really is a good baby!  We may be spoiled when the second child comes around (shouldn't be for a while!) because I don't know if we could get this lucky twice!  We are definitely beyond blessed to have this sweet angel in our lives!  I've been giving her extra hugs lately and just trying to remember everything about how she is at this sweet age because I know she's growing up so fast!

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