Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas Morning

BreBre's first Christmas Morning!  I still make everyone sit around the tree and take turns opening gifts, just like we've always done!

Here's Daddy helping Bre open a present...

What could it be?

A new flap book!  This girl loves some flap books!  (So far she's only tore off one flap that I know of and that was when she stayed with DeDe otherwise she's been really good about not tearing them off!)

She really wasn't all that interested in unwrapping...not nearly as much as she had been when she was playing with all the presents under our tree.  But she did have fun giving the paper a good taste test!

Uncle Chad opening his present...that we had double wrapped in two different boxes, pretty sneaky wrapper I am...  By his request, we got him a calculator watch.  (He promised it wasn't for cheating in his class, they apparently are fine with normal calculators.)

Yea!  Mom got me some more of this tupperware I really wanted!  I get very excited about small things!  Still getting some flack about wrapping some of my own presents, but momma likes to unwrap presents!  I'm still a kid when it comes to Christmas!

BreBre did love the bows!  Although you'll notice it was a struggle to get her to keep her hair bow in.

Jimbo opening his gift

Playing with some of her new toys

Bert with his new shirt!  (He wore it to church last Sunday and looked very handsome!)  Doesn't he look excited about this shirt?  Or maybe he's just excited about all the pictures...either way he was a good sport!

GG opening her presents

Bre really did like this picnic basket.  We got a good deal on this at a pre-Black Friday sale!   

Here's Daddy opening a special gift from BreBre

We made this for him through Piggies & Paws

Oh, shiny wrapping paper, how pretty!

Uncle Chad helping Bre open a gift

Fun, stacking cups!

GG's tree is a little further off the ground than ours is...she really had to stretch to get the bottom ornaments

Special Christmas morning with our baby girl!  She's the best present Bert or I could ever have received!  We are truly blessed!

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