Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pre-Christmas Fun

Just hanging out under the tree playing with my block

Getting some presents out...

This was right before Christmas and she was just starting to try to pull up

Checking out the TV components...the glass doors are too hard to resist!

This baby girl loves her piano and Mom likes to play with it too!  Bert catches me still playing with it when she's off to another toy, justa having a good ole time!

Who's there?.......

BreBre!  She thought this was pretty fun!

I think I was trying to send an email or something work related and was trying to get her to play in my office.

Wasn't long before she had decided she wanted to look through some fabrics...may have another designer on our hands...(no pressure, I'm fine with whatever she wants to do!)

Back under/in the tree

Taste Test in progress

Apparently it's pretty good!

Testing out Reid's present.... 
luckily they were foam Cars bath toys

Playing with Daddy

Not exactly sure but looks like she was wanting to sample the tree next.

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