Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas with Kristi & Family

We always have a little Christmas get together with Kristi & the fam before we head to Arkansas and they head to Kansas.  So we were getting ready and came up with this cute little number for Miss BreBre to wear!  Looks like a darling little Christmas Elf if you ask me...

Hard to get a picture of her sitting still...

Happy Little Elf!

This barstool was the possibly one of the favorite toys of the evening.  Katy was taking a closer look at BreBre skirt...Katy was stylin' in her sequin skirt!

These two cuties are just 2 weeks apart

Working on cutting her third bottom tooth

Fascinated with the barstool

Alex & Katy could not wait to open presents!

Katy was all ready to start painting but we were able to convince her to wait until another day

The kiddos helping open Adam's present

Bre about to open her presents

Really cute book!  Thanks Kristi!

Rockin the mic

Playing Patty Cake with Katy Cakes

Adam getting in on the fun

Now singing a duet

I like to think she kisses me in this picture (although not entirely sure that's what was happening but that's what I'm going with!)  Sweet, sweet kisses for Mommy!

Not loving the kisses from Mommy at the moment...

First Christmas's coming up for these two cuties!

Trying to get a cute pic of all four of us was not the easiest but this was super cute of Adam & Kristi

We had a great night!  Always fun to get the kiddos together!

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