Sunday, January 13, 2013

Visit with MamMa & More (Catch Up Post)

Somehow forgot to blog these cute pictures!  Jim had this amazing Santa and I just couldn't help myself to try to get some pictures with BreBre...this were meant to be test shots and later I would go back and try it in a Christmas outfit but that never happened...

Checking out the candy cane, she did also like to pull on his glasses when you were holding her up to him

Sweet smiles!

"Mommy, I not in the mood for pictures"...but she's so cute even when she's crying

Sweet Cousin Ray

and Reid, she loves Reid!

Playing with Melissa & Lilly and yes pulling a little hair....she's bad to do that!  Sorry Lilly!

Here we all are visiting MamMa!  We always bring the party to her!

I think Lilly was playing Peek-a-Boo but I can't remember exactly

Bre's expression is so funny in this one!

Bre sat so good in MamMa's lap for the longest

Trying to get everyone looking at the camera...always a challenge!

Lilly giving MamMa a sweet kiss!

MamMa loved it!

DeDe & Bre

Lilly playing on DeDe's phone

Love Lilly's outfit, so cute!  Hope they'll save that one for a hand-me-down for BreBre!

Playing patty cake with DeDe.  Bre loves some patty cake...if it's just the two of us in the car and she gets upset, I can normally start singing patty cake and she's all better!  Or at least as long as I keep singing it.

Relaxing with MamMa

I think Bert was flying Bre down to MamMa but I cut her out of the picture.  Big smile from MamMa!

My two cuties!

Loves when Daddy flies her around!  And he normally has to do it because his arms don't tire out as quick!

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