Tuesday, December 18, 2012

8th Annual Christmas Party!

Ever since we moved in our house, we been hosting a Christmas Party each year and it's been so much fun!  This was our first year with BreBre and so we wanted to include kiddos!  Most of our friends have had kids for a while and have probably been wondering why we haven't done it before but it just didn't cross my mind.  Hosting the party is always a lot of work but so much fun! 
Bethany (our 16 year old neighbor) came over to help with all the kids.  We're hoping she'll be our go to babysitter from now on!  She did a great job!

Can't have a Christmas Party without the chocolate fountain!

Our friends, Jared & Lindsey, pregnant with their 3rd, Charlotte!
(due in March...may be really close to Bre's birthday!)

Alex & Katy playing with BreBre...this may be the only picture of Katy's skirt!  So cute!

Our friends, Daniel (aka Goose) and his fiance, Yadna...they're getting married next October
She told me that she was with him when he bought this shirt and he promised never to wear it around her but she couldn't get him not to wear it to the party...he did defend himself by saying that he had the shirt for about 4 years and had only wore it about 2 or 3 times.  Love Goose but think she's right about the shirt! :)

Found this cute "Pin the nose on the Snowman" game at Target and thought it would be fun!  They did enjoy it and all ended up going several times!  This is Jake, my friend Julie's middle son.

Here's Mason his older brother

And Katy, Kristi's little girl

Alex, Kristi's oldest, had to be talked into the game but once he tried it, he was ready to go over and over again!  Kristi brought some cute prizes for them and they all end up going home with at least two prizes!

We've always played this mitten game with the adults but Kristi said Alex was really wanting to play so she fixed one up for the kids...

We changed the rules a little to make it easier for them.  They just had to roll a 1 or a 6 to get a turn to open the present.  You have to put on the mittens & Santa hat and then try to open the present.  (which is really 3 boxes inside each other, wrapped multiple times with masking tape)

I think they all got a turn unwrapping, here's Jake

But Alex was the big winner!

Miss Katy

Here's our girl's Dirty Santa Game...the photographer tried to cut me out of the picture, but his is Lindsey stealing my gift!

Me picking another

Lip gloss!

The girls... (Back row left to right: me, Julie, Lindsey, Yadna...Front: Kristi & Brittney)

Bert starting off the mitten game for the boys

The winners of each mitten game...Kristi & Jared

Kristi's sweet family

Me & Bre

The Boys (Left to Right: Daniel, James, Jared, Bert, Travis & Adam)

Our family!  Fun night!

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