Saturday, December 15, 2012

Meeting Santa!

We had been talking about taking Bre to see Santa and last night we were doing a little Christmas shopping and guess who we ran into...
Daddy & Bre waiting in line (we came at the right time because there wasn't much of a line at all!)

a few pics with Mommy...couldn't get any smiles, too much going on!  Well when it was our turn, Bre sat down on Santa's lap and went straight for the beard! I was wishing they would have gotten a picture of that but oh well...  She was already testing it out to see if it was the real thing!

She kept looking him over, she wasn't upset at all but couldn't figure out what to make of it.  He was a very sweet Santa and just kept talking to her and she was just a listening.  We were able to get her to look at the camera but ended up buying the picture where she was looking at him because that's what she did the whole time she was sitting in his lap.

Here's a few pictures I took with my phone...they were okay with you taking pictures as long as you made a purchase.  So I took advantage since we were getting 2-5x7's!  I'll need one of those for the scrapbook!

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