Sunday, December 9, 2012

O Christmas Tree

So I'll start off by saying not sure where the time has gone since my last blog post!  Sorry it's been a while!  Bre stayed in Arkansas for 2 weeks over Thanksgiving (I was there with her the week before but then came back to Longview).  Bert and I tried to get as much done as we could...this included some yard work and decorating the inside & outside for Christmas! 
So the Sunday night after Thanksgiving was the first time Breanna had seen the Christmas tree.  Since she was wearing her Christmas Tree shirt I had to get a few pics!  She wasn't interested in being turned away from it for sparkly & shiny!

It was so cute...she started clapping as soon as she saw it!  I'm sure she was giving Mommy a round of applause for the decoration! :)  Actually she had just really mastered the clapping that week and was clapping all the time!  But I'm sure some of it was for the decorating too!

She was in the best mood!  She had slept the entire 3 hours on the way home from Arkansas.  We were getting in past her bedtime, so then had to keep her up and tire her out again, but she slept through the night so it was successful!

These are kind of dark...I was playing around with my camera settings...

More clapping!

Her Christmas Tree shirt was one of my projects while she was in Arkansas.  I had seen a very similar shirt at Dillards but they didn't have it in her size and it looked easy enough to make so that's what I did!  I love the way it turned out and it washes great too!  I was a little nervous about that.  May have to make her one of these next year too!

Love this picture, caught her in mid clap!  Stay tuned for more pics, I am on a mission to get caught up!

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