Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Crawling at Christmas!

Well all Thanksgiving we were thinking she was going to crawl any second but she waited another week and has taken off.  She started off with a few crawls and then a lunge to get to what she wanted but is now fully mobile and picking up speed!
Here she is backed under her jumper...she can scoot backwards a pretty good ways.

Watch out Buddy here I come!

Buddy's still a little too fast to catch...

He did leave his toy though...pretty interesting...think I'll check it out...

Learning to crawl is tough, she gets herself in all kinds of strange positions!  It's so fun to watch!

Just a playing!

Reminds me of her Uncle Chad with her tongue out...he was notorious for having his tongue out!  Didn't matter if he was concentrating really hard on something or dribbling down the basketball floor...we may have another...

She loves this little Zebra

Clapping, "Yea! Go me!"

Here we go with the crazy positions again..

trying to stand up from somewhat of a lunge position...

almost in the splits...

And off to the tree, pretty ornaments!

Stretch arm, stretch...she was trying so hard but was just a little too far away!  Now she can get right up and normally goes on in under the tree.

It's a hard decision to go for presents or tree...hmm, I'll check out this one...

Now back to the tree & ornaments...

Now back to the presents...this one looks interesting!

And this one too!

Oh but the ornaments are so pretty

Still for a minute...

And she's off again!

Playing on the floor with Daddy, sweet times!

Love this sweet little face, she can do no wrong, right?

Finally got a good hold on the branch by the very tip

I tried to arrange the presents so that there isn't anything breakable towards the front because those are all in the Bre Zone...all being tested out very well!  We're doing pat test, taste test and lots of other varieties of testing going on!  Such sweet memories with this precious baby girl!

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