Thursday, December 13, 2012

Weekend with DeDe!

DeDe came down to stay with us the weekend before Halloween and we had such a great time!  We were so glad to have her down for some quality time!

Think we may of had something orange for dinner...sweet potatoes or carrots...

GG got her this outfit and on the hanger I didn't really think it would be that cute but I was wrong, it's been one of my favorites!! While we were waiting on DeDe to arrive, it was the perfect time for a photo shoot on Daddy's chair!

Love our sweet smiley girl!


These two are great camera skills have us focused in on her feet...not sure how I did that...

The expression on her face in this one is hilarious to me!!

Trying to get Mommy's camera

Oh how she loves Buddy and he just doesn't feel quite the same...

This picture cracks me up, you can see Buddy is keeping an eye on her.

This may be my favorite!

Having some fun with her ball and it color coordinated with the outfit, so why not!

Had to get a picture with Mommy while Miss Bre was looking so cute!

Yea!! DeDe made it!  Bre was having a good time playing and looking at DeDe's phone.

I think I need that DeDe

Looking at pictures of Lilly & Reid from the beach

Bre loved for DeDe to feed her! (and it was a great break for Mommy & Daddy too! Thanks DeDe)

She is so funny with her index fingers...just the other day she was using them to try to pick up a puff like she was using them as chopsticks...pretty tricky manuver...unfortunately that is pretty hard to do, so she ended up just picking it up.

Our neighborhood had a block party that Saturday night, so we stopped by for awhile!

After the sun went down it got pretty cool, so DeDe and Bre headed back to the house.

Fun reading books with DeDe

She loves this mirror book!

Buddy...can't be far from the action!
Talking to Buddy!

Saying Bye Bye to DeDe...the weekend went by so fast but we all had such a good time and can't wait for her to come back again!

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