Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy Late Thanksgiving!

Better late than never...or at least that's my motto while I'm catching up on the blog!
Sweet cousins playing on Thanksgiving Day!  Lilly & Reid love their Baby Breanna!  And she loves them too!

Reading books with DeDe... 
Bre had stayed with DeDe for 5 days!  I think they had a great time but I know DeDe had to be worn out! It sure worked out good for Mommy because Bre's daycare was closed the week of Thanksgiving and there were a lot of clients getting ready for Thanksgiving!  Plus good quality family time in Arkansas is always fun!  Thanks again DeDe! 

Hard to believe but this was the first time BreBre got to meet Cousin Paige!

Bre & Pappaw

They both look like they love to take pictures don't they! :)  Glad Bre is a pretty good sport most of the time!  And good thing for Bert he doesn't have to be in as many pictures any more...

My little turkey in her cute turkey shirt from The Red Thread

Sweet kisses from Uncle Chad

Also Bre's first time to meet Aunt Linda!  So glad we were able to make it to Uncle Paul's for Thanksgiving!  It had been too long!

Bre had just woken up from a nap but it worked out great because she was so still and sat in Gram's lap for the longest time without being too much of a wiggle worm!  I know Gram enjoyed it so much!  And I got a lot of good pictures!

Autumn was able to stop by for a quick sec on her way to work...she works nights in L&D at Baptist

PaPa and Randi (Cousin Brittney's youngest)

Love this sweet picture of BreBre!!!!  Just want to kiss those cheeks!

Sweet picture of Rory & Landen

Gram with most of the great grand kids

Abby and her boyfriend, Jordan...hard to believe Abby's a senior this year!

Love those braids!

Big Sis & Jordan

Jim carving the ham....yum!!

Playing with Donna

BreBre & GG

Here's Bre with Cousin Breanna...It was there first time to meet!

Playing with Poppy

Gram & PaPa...can't say enough how special these two are!  Love you both so much!

with Aunt Shelley

Having some dinner with cousins Randi & Rory

All of us kiddos with Mom

Our little brother...

My neices Josie & Abby with BreBre...such a cute pic

Shelley with her girls

My cousin Brittney and her sweet family!  Always good to see them at Thanksgiving & Christmas! 

Trying our best to keep that bow in and hair contained but it's a full time job!  Glad we were able to get a pic with Mommy!

Aunt Charlotte with her grand girls

Randi was just a posing for me!!  So cute!

Bre having a good ole time playing with some toys!  Hope ya'll had a Happy Thanksgiving, we sure did! 

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